Chris Walker’s emotionally charged lyrics and sincere musicianship have earned him both critical praise and a legion of devoted fans. He is known for his captivating, engaging shows, where he connects with audiences using multiple instruments and enigmatic musicianship. Chris has been performing around the world since the age of 13. Every show, every song; Chris pours out his musical soul and message. His original compositions meld musicianship and substance.

Chris’ influences range from guitar masters like Jimi Hendrix and Eric Johnson, to song craftsmen such as Bob Marley and Eric Clapton. Every show and every song is a new experience – you will never hear the same version twice. After sales of over 50,000 albums worldwide and extensive touring, Walker is back on the road showcasing old favorites, as well as new material from his upcoming studio release.

A native of “a drinking town with a fishing problem” Englewood, Florida, Walker began playing drums at age nine and guitar at age 11. By 12, he was writing his own songs and performing across Florida and on Norwegian Cruise Ships.

Shortly after graduating high school, Walker became a fixture at college events across the U.S. He wrote, financed and released his first self-titled effort , which received radio airplay and glowing reviews.

The Tampa Tribune called Walker “Refined yet raw, Chris Walker rivets audiences with his guitar prowess.”

During his relentless touring schedule, Walker began experimenting with effects pedals and loop-sampling techniques as he performed (he learned from Howie Day) layering live percussion with vocal harmonies, lapsteel and electric guitar parts to become a veritable one-man band. He went on to sell over 50,000 copies of ‘Chris Walker Band’ as he navigated the independent music scene and continued to hone his craft.

“Walker’s music is pure, wonderfully creative, and alive with the energy that true young talents possess. It is really an amazing and entertaining show to watch Walker do his thing. He’s one of the most talented young musicians in the center of Florida.” Jeffrey Clements – Focus Magazine

Chris Walker Band wrapped up their third World Tour with Armed Forces Entertainment! They traveled to Egypt, Turkey, Spain, Greece, Alaska, Guam, & Australia to perform for the men and women of our military.

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Chris Walker has and always will play barefoot 🙂